Select release

How to flash:

1. Power off flow3r
2. Plug in USB cable
3. Hold down the left shoulder button
4. Power on flow3r while keeping button pressed
5. Release button
If everything went right the display should stay OFF.
If it turns on, try again.
6. Now press the "Connect" button and choose the "USB JTAG/Serial debug unit" device.
(on Linux it may just be something like "/dev/ttyACM0")
7. If the console below prints some stuff after Connecting then you can
press "Flash" to flash just the firmware or
"Flash Everything" to do a "factory reset" essentially
8. If there was no error printed then you are done flashing and you can unplug your flower and power cycle it to reboot.
If you had an error just try to flash again.

If you are coming from 1.0.0 or 1.1.0 a "Flash Everything" is recommended.